Cultural Competence Program – Module 1: Diversity Works

The Cultural Competence Program (CCP) is a range of online multi-media training courses and resources designed to help organisations maximise the benefits of cultural competence, diversity and inclusion. The CCP was developed by SBS, Multicultural NSW, and International Education Services – leading organisations in addressing the needs of multicultural Australia. It was developed to:

• Help organisations manage an increasingly diverse workforce
• Better service diverse communities within Australia by providing relevant training and information to service-based organisations
• Create competitive advantage for organisations operating in increasingly diverse marketplaces both locally and globally
• Promote social cohesion through fostering a better understanding of diverse cultures

Upon completion of the module ‘Diversity Works’, you will be able to:

• Define core concepts relating to culture, diversity and inclusion
• Understand why organisations invest in diversity and inclusion management
• Understand how diversity drives better business outcomes
• Understand the benefits of improved cultural competence

Note on video interviews:
All participants in the interviews tell real stories around their own experiences. Part of their story is which culture they identify with, and we asked each participant how they wanted to be represented. Some chose to be represented as just Australian, some chose to be a combination of Australian and some other cultures, and yet others chose their culture of origin. We respected their choices.

ATOM has produced a study guide for ‘Cultural Competence Program – Module 1: Diversity Works‘.

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