Blasko is a documentary about Australian singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko. The film is suitable for secondary students in Years 9–12 undertaking English, Media and Music.

Having been recognised as a pioneer in Australian indie music and nominated for numerous awards, Sarah Blasko is one of Australia’s most successful singer-songwriters. She now braves her way to a uniquely challenging musical endeavour thus far.

In a one-of-a-kind approach to composition and performance, Blasko shows Sarah and her trusted collaborators in a live theatre space as they write an album from scratch. In this hushed high-concept setting, inspiration and creativity flow as the musical artists embark on a task that is unlike any other.

This documentary helps students expand and enrich understanding of human experiences. Music students develop personal awareness of the expressive and aesthetic qualities of music and music-making. Media students can use Blasko to describe, analyse and interpret a professional media production in terms of how it communicates ideas to a specific audience.