Understanding Media from a Makers Point of View

Join us in celebrating Media Literacy Week (Oct 26 – 30) by engaging with these media producers who have shared their experience and valuable insights with us. Click on the titles to watch the interviews and follow the question prompts below:

Power of Post: Rosehaven Post Production

Breanna Geer – Data Wrangler 

  • What were the motivating factors behind Breanna Geer working this type of position in the Media Industry?
  • What are the major challenges faced in the role of Data Wrangler?
  • How crucial is the role of data management on a television show with a small budget like Rosehaven?

Anabelle Johnson – Editor

  • What is the production role of the Assistant Editor, and why is this crucial to the post-production process on Rosehaven?
  • What is the importance of the Sin Bin file management system?
  • What are ‘rushes’, and how does Anabelle use them to her advantage in post-production?

Diedre McClelland CSI – Colourist

  • What is the production role of ‘Colourist’, and identify how techniques in this role enhances the final viewing of each episode?
  • How long is allocated for the colour grading of the 8 episodes in a season of Rosehaven?
  • Identify key areas the colourist looks at in pre-production or prior to shooting each scene.

Further questions to consider:

  • What are 3 technical terms you hadn’t heard before you picked them up in these interviews?
  • What are 3 points of advice or takeaways you have gleaned from watching these interviews?
  • What are the key suggestions that are made by the presenters in order to be successful within the Media Industry?

Meet the Producer: Nicola McCaskill, Producer at SBS

  • Think, pair, share: Why do you think fact checking is important for a current affairs genre television show? How does Nicola McCaskill fact check?
  • Individually: Look at one of her recent articles: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/insight/celebrity-publicist-gives-inside-look-into-the-instant-fame-machine. You can also watch the full episode here: https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/insight
  • With a partner: Identify 2 facts McCaskill might have fact checked in this episode. What could have been difficult about checking these facts? For example: The story centres around the publicist Max Markson, how would she fact check his career, including working with the Kardashians? 
  • In a small group of 3-4: In this article, Max Markson, the celebrity publicist says “I can tell it is interesting to people, because people are clicking on it.” Using this as a prompt, discuss the positives and negatives for online news articles.

Further questions to consider:

  • How long does Nicola spend on each episode?
  • What is the Walkley Foundation?
  • What are some of the ethical and/or legal issues Nicola discusses?
  • What does TVU and overlay mean?
  • According to Nicola, what are the similarities between science and journalism?

Roles on Set: Steven Abdilla

  • What production roles does Steven discuss?
  • What are LUTs?
  • According to Steven, what are the benefits of working collaboratively?
  • What are three different technical codes Steven used as a DOP to communicate to his audience in the music video he shot?

Further Questions to Consider:

  • Versatility: Examine one of the DoPs from the following list and describe their versatility of style between two films they have shot. What codes have they used to establish an individual style for each film?
    • Roger Deakins
    • Hoyte van Hoytema
    • Dion Beebe
    • Emmanuel Lubezki
    • Rodrigo Prieto
  • Partnerships: The following DoP’s have formed strong creative partnerships with some of the most distinctive amateurs in the world. Who do they often work with and why do you think this is the case?
    • Robert Richardson
    • Christopher Doyle
    • Janusz Kamiński
    • Edward Lachman
    • Robert Elswit
  • Minorities: Why do you think it’s important to ensure that those from marginalised backgrounds are given the ability to be a DoP? Use the following examples as evidence:
    • Bradford Young
    • Rachel Morrison
    • Mandy Walker
    • Charlotte Bruus Christensen
  • Style: What are the stylistic similarities between these two DoP’s?
    • Darius Khondi
    • Chung-hoon Chung