VCE Media Units 3&4 Exam Revision Seminars for Students

The ATOM Media Exam Revision Seminars offer students the chance to:

  •  Find out how to focus their exam revision and receive additional tips and resources to help prepare
  •  Increase their confidence in preparing for the exam by getting advice on what they can do to get the best mark possible
  •  Demystify the exam-marking process with advice on what those marking the exam look for in an exam response

The following sessions take place in Melbourne – at Victoria University, Flinders Street Campus, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne.

Monday 19th September – 2:30pm to 5pm

Friday 23rd September – 10am to 12:30pm

Friday 23rd September – 1:30pm to 4pm

The following session takes place in Melbourne – at The Bastow Institute, North Melbourne, and this session is also available via remote access polycom for regional students.

Tuesday 27th September – 10am to 12:30pm

The following session takes place at Geelong College, Newtown Geelong

Thursday 29th September – 10:30am to 1pm