Disney Lets It Go

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Disney Animation has made a comeback with the phenomenally successfully Frozen. Are we on our way to a new glory age of Disney? Time will tell, but apart from breathing new life into Disney’s animation prospects, Frozen features some kick arse musical sequences – with ‘Let it Go’ being the one most talked about. And rightly so. Kick. Arse. You can watch the full sequence on YouTube via Disney’s channel. Better yet, the YouTube channel also features the multi-language version, which features the song rotating through 25 different translations.


What a wonderful idea. Particularly for students of Media. As you head into Unit 2 and explore media industry production, this little clip serves as a fitting example of the media operating within a global framework. Disney has always been a massive global media conglomerate, but it is on show in this clip, and demonstrates the industry roles and work that goes into a film even after it has finished production. For the film to succeed in these disparate territories, Disney has gone through an extensive casting and recording process to ensure Frozen will resonate with local audiences.

The decisions surrounding the distribution of films into foreign countries is another important phase in the post-production stage that students can consider, especially because there can be great links made to contemporary international media issues, such as those related to production roles, cultural imperialism and globalisation.

As a three minute and fifty seven second sidebar, it sure is worth your time.

Otherwise, Elsa’s version of ‘letting it go’, which includes her literally letting her hair down, creating herself a dress with more access to viewing skin and strutting across her frozen palace in a sultry manner is as much material for the representation of females as anything else.