The ATOMVic office is managed by Education Officer, Scarlet Barnett.

Scarlet is located in the ATOM Publication office and works three days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The ATOM Publication Office is run by Peter Tapp and is located in St Kilda.

For more contact details about our offices please go to our Contacts Page.

The ATOM Board oversees all ATOMVic and ATOM Publication operations and is elected through a formal process under our rules of association, which have been drafted using the Consumer Affairs model rules for incorporated associations and are compliant with the Victorian Governments Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

The Education Office is also strongly supported by an experienced active group of teachers who volunteer to form the Education Committee.  The Education Committee provides an opportunity for teachers to have a direct say in what professional learning ATOMVic offers, have access to increased professional learning opportunities themselves, to network with other like-minded teachers and further develop teaching, writing and presenting skills.

Being more actively involved with ATOMVic will help you further your career and the study of Media in a fun and forward thinking environment.

If you are interested in becoming part of the ATOM Board or Education Committee, or need to contact any of the ATOM Board or Committee Members please contact our Education Office.


Elected Board Members 2018/19

Chairperson – Roger Dunscombe

Deputy Chairperson – Jenna Grace

Education Executive Officer – Robert Young

Education Officer – Scarlet Barnett (co-opted)

Board Member – Victoria Giummarra

Board Member – Emma McCulloch

Board Member – Laura Newman

Board Member – Kevin Tibaldi

Board Member – Lisa Worthy

Board Member – Peter Tapp (co-opted)


Education Committee

Louise Anderson

Peter Antsee

Ed Armstrong

Scarlet Barnett

Zoe Cleland

Emily Doyle

Roger Dunscombe

Mike Frencham

Jenna Grace

Sam Higgs

Jessica Lee

Emma McCulloch

Laura Newman

Robert Young